Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my Instant Messengers Number after installation?

Yes, can change your Instant Messengers Number unlimited times.

How much time it takes to send a message?

It depends on your internet speed, it can take only few seconds to send messages.

Need to scan a QR code on Third Party Instant Messengers?

No QR code scanning on third party Instant Messengers.

Which Package is suitable for me?

Basic and Enterprise package is ideal for on Premise Software like Tally.

Host Your Own API Server Package is ideal for cloud based software.

How long does the system take to pair a new number?

It usually takes no longer than 2 minutes.

If later I decide to link my number again, should I do the same process?

Yes you can do this.

If I link my number, would it be under risk?

If you send unsolicited messages, the most likely scenario is that your number gets banned by Instant Messengers.

Why is my number banned?

Instant Messengers monitors closely the type of message you send. Sending unsolicited messages (SPAM) that your recipients are not expecting or want to receive, can result in Instant Messengers permanently banning your number or IP. This is an action that Instant Messengers takes, and Wautomate has no control or responsibility over it.

Some cases where we are certain that your number will be banned are:

  • Sending messages to people that haven’t agreed to receive messages from you or that have no connection to you or your business.
  • Sending messages to numbers that don’t exist or that don’t have Instant Messengers installed.

Banning is an action made directly by Instant Messengers. We cannot restore your number.

If your number is banned by Instant Messengers you won’t be able to use it again. You can continue using our system normally linking a new number.Wautomate can’t guarantee that the numbers won’t continue getting banned.

Is there any limitation on the amount of messages I can send?

There is not limit. You can send as many messages as you like.

Which type of files can I send?

Text, Pictures (PNG and JPG), and Documents (PDF).

Is it legal?

Instant Messengers is proprietary platform with Wautomate having no controls over the changes they implement in future. Wautomate is no way related to the official Instant Messengers App/Company.

Need to share my data with Third Party?

No need to share your data with Third Party. You have ownership of your data. Your all data is with you. 

Is it possible to use this API with any other software?

Yes, It’s possible to use this API with any kind of software. We will provide you an API Server just host it at your end and link it with your software.

What does it mean to link a number?

Messages that you send through Wautomate system are delivered with a physical phone that you own. In order to send messages using your phone, you need to log in Instant Messengers Web after starting that process. You can revoke that permission at any point from your phone’s Instant Messengers.

How do I un-link my number?

You can un-link your number whenever you want. You just need to grab your phone, then go to the Web Instant Messengers section. In there you can close all active sessions.

Can I use my own numbers as the sender to send messages?


Is it more convenient to use my personal number?

We recommend to have a phone with different number that’s only dedicated to Wautomate. One that’s linked with our system and another that you use personally.

Does the number has to have any specific OS?

You can use any smartphone that supports and hasInstant Messengers installed.

It works in all countries?


Does it work in all languages?

Yes. You can send messages in all languages and alphabets.

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