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We have a solution to reach out to your customers on their Instant Messengers by integrating this social media platform with your ERP / Accounting software like Tally or any other existing system.

You will be able provide notifications, alerts, status, transactional updates, PDFs, documents on Instant Messengers instantly from any of your existing software by integrating this Instant Messengers API.

Integrate With Existing Accounting Software

Integrate the Wautomate Instant Messengers API with your existing ERP/Accounting software like Tally and send business documents to your customers.

Send Almost Everything Instantly Through Your Software

You can send PDFs of invoices, pricing books, images, Word, Excel, Notifications, Transactional updates and almost everything.   

Get Relief From Hassles of Traditional Methods.

Get relief from hassles of traditional invoicing methods like Emails and Messages. Upgrade your method and useInstant Messengers for your business conversations 

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need For Your Business.

Invoice PDF sent by a single click.

With Tally Instant Messengers integration you can instantly send invoices to your customer through Tally as Instant Messengers Automation.

No need of saving customers number.

No need of saving your customer’s Instant Messengers Number separately to your contacts.

Creates a brand Image in customers mind

When they see the message with Company logo and other business details.It creates brand image.

Be smart, Save on international message cost.

The added advantage is you can save on your International Message cost. This is makes your brand more noticeable.

Send Reminder Message on Instant Messengers.

Reminding them of their payments ensures higher productivity and efficiency of your systems.

Integrate with Existing ERP System.

You can integrate Instant Messengers with any of your existing system. Instant Messengers Business Integration & Automation is possible with this API.

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