Instant Messengers API Integration

More than 1 billion people in over 180 countries use Instant Messengers. Now you can grow your business with this great social media platform.

WhatsApp Tally integration, Wautomate

We provide a solution to reach out to your customers on their Instant Messengers by integrating this social media platform with your application/software. Like Tally, SalesForce, Zoho or any other existing system. You will be able to provide notifications, alerts, status, transactional updates, PDFs, documents on Instant Messengers instantly from any of your existing software by integrating this Instant Messengers API.

Want to learn more about Wautomate WhatsApp Automation solution?

Want to learn more about Wautomate WhatsApp Automation solution?

No per Day Capping on Messages

You can send unlimited messages every day. We do not restrict you on the number of messages per day.

No per message cost applied

The charges you pay for the API is an only one-time charge. We do not charge you after that. You can send unlimited messages from your API.

Send All Types of Media Files

With text messages you can also send all type of media files like PDFs, Images, Videos, etc.

Free One Time Installation

Our experts take care of your purchase. We provide you with support for one-time installation on your machine.

One Year Free Chat Support

You will get one-year free chat support on all the API services.

One Year Free Upgrade

We provide you with one year free upgrades on all our APIs.

API Documents for Developers

Our API Documents will help developers to build a better solution with our APIs.

Full API Access and Control

You API is hosted at yourself. It gives you full access and control over you API and data

Integration with you softwares.

For you better convenience we can integrate your applications and software with our API. Integration charges will be applied separately.
WhatsApp Tally integration, Wautomate

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